At fungi-ally we produce quality mushroom products with organic, traceable ingredients.

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Fungi-ally endeavors to leave each client with a noteworthy encounter. Connect through our site live visit in the event that you have any inquiries along your excursion!


Simple and beautiful website with a smooth ordering process. Live chat if you have questions about the products. Came within 7 business days. Packaging professional and slick. I’ve been taking the micro dose tablets and saving the big stems for a spring adventure. 10/10 will order again…


At first I was drawn in by their deals but what really sold me was the website chat assistant. I’ve only done psychedelics a couple of times in low doses so I had quite a few questions about the recommended doses, the strain differences and the micro dosing pills. The team on the other side of the chat was amazing and so patient answering my questions…


The product is phenomenal. My girlfriend and I took some before going on a walking trail and we felt very uplifted and full of mental clarity with just enough whimsical magic. They took about 20 minutes or so to kick in, as expected, but wow, they are perfectly potent! These are by far the best mushrooms I have experienced in capsule form thus far…

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